Our Thing – Immediate Computer Support

Computer Issues Solved Without Even Leaving Your Chair

Immediate Remote Support Service – How to Use it and What You Get

  • Most importantly, its Easy. All that is required is a data connection on a smart phone, Internet connection on your device or computer, or phone access. For phone access see our contact page
  • First Step is to Click Here or on the Start Immediate Remote Support Button to begin the Immediate Remote Support Session. Remember less than 15 minutes and its free.
  • You will be asked to enter your name and email address so we know who we are talking to
  • You will then connect with a technician over our secure Internet Chat Option to discuss your issue and determine just what you type of support or service your problem needs.
  • If it is an issue that can be fixed immediately, our technician then connects to your computer via our safe and secure Remote Screen Sharing program.
  • If more than 15 minutes support is required, the technician will provide an upfront quote for any service to come. No hidden surprises.
  • You can watch the technician fix the computer, or go and do something else. Or ask your technician your burning IT questions while they work
  • When you problem is fixed, or your support session complete, the technician will log off your computer, leaving you with a 30 day guarantee on the work provided.
  • If there is no fix, there is no fee