Introducing Our Services, Blog Style

Welcome to the first Not So Tame Blog post.

Help Me 2Tame Your Computer is a Home and Business Computer Support and Service Company based at beautiful Ettalong Beach on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

We provide Technical Services and Support to Home and Business Computer users, delivered in ways that suit the client. That is where we differ. Service when you want it, and where you want it.

We give free Advice and Solutions, but are available to jump in take over from you if it’s all not your cup of tea.


You could be sitting at home, its late evening, and you go to do something on your computer that you always do. But, the damn thing doesn’t work. It could be that your usual program won’t open, or your emails won’t send. Or it could be more complex, or hardware based. Like not being able to print to your printer, or your webcam wont work with your

Skype account. Or anything that is stopping you doing what you want to do with your computer.

Normally you would have to wait until the next day, or have a costly support service that you rely on. That’s where we differ. You can contact us then and there with our Chat Now feature. If we fix your issue under 15 minutes, it free. If it will take longer you will be given a quote before going any further. No surprises.

Or for the Business User…

You could be in the office doing your admin job, and the boss says he needs the report in 10 minutes. It is an excel based report using data from various sources. You need to import and export and use pivot tables. You click something unexpected, and suddenly all the data is gone, or messed up, and you don’t know what to do. The Boss yells, ‘5 minutes now, hurry up with that report.’ You are supposed to be the expert in this area in your office but you don’t know what to do. No time to Google all the possibilities. So do you panic?

No you don’t. Just have Tame Your Computer’s website saved in your Favorites menu, open our site, click on the Chat Now Button. Feel the relief as one of our team talk you through getting your data back to where it was and the report done, all in that 5 minutes. Boss yells, “Report NOW please!” You hand it to him and smile that confident smile. “Hi Boss, here is that report. Oh and you will notice I added some extra functionally for you too.” Crisis averted, Boss impressed. And all at no cost for issues under 15 minutes. Longer issues will be quoted before being undertaken. No hidden surprises.

Tame your Computer wants to make Computer Support Cost Effective and Accessible to everyone, not just the people living in our lovely local area.

Hopefully you now have a feel or an understanding of what we can do for you, when, and how.  Thanks for reading.

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