Is it time to Upgrade your Operating System?

Update my Operating System



Have you been using your Same Operating System for over 5 Years?

Is your Computer Slow to Start Up?

Are you Hating Windows 8?



Its probably time to upgrade (or in the case if Windows 8 users – downgrade back to Windows 7)
But this raises so many questions…

Common questions include

What is the benefit of paying the price of an upgrade/downgrade?
How hard is it to readjust to the new environment?
Will all my programs still work the same on a new system?
Is a new computer required?
And how do you even go about doing something like upgrading/downgrading?

The main issue is that at some point, the age of your computer’s operating system is going to start slowing your computing experience down, especially if you use the internet for viewing videos or you are wanting to run new programs.

Ultimately, your operating system needs to be able to keep up with ongoing security updates and compatibility with current software. An OS released within the past five years should be up to the task. But if your computer can handle it and the price is right, the hop to the most recent release may be the smartest bet.

But How?

Firstly you need to make sure your computer is up to the task.
Is the existing hard drive big enough?

Do you have enough RAM?
The next thing is to work out is whether you want to take on the challenge of overwriting your existing operating system yourself or whether you want it done by a professional.

So How Much Does it Cost for an Upgrade

We check your computer, determine whether it will be able to run the new operating system, and if not, what parts are required to do so. We can then perform your system upgrade, whilst retaining any or all of your old files that you want. We ensure all your programs and settings are set up as you want them, and get any external devices such as printers or modems re-connected for you.

We can do this at your location or at our office. In some cases we can even do it remotely through our safe and secure screen sharing software.

The cost of the upgrade is $250 which includes the operating system, and the work involved.
If your computer is starting to grind to a halt, complete the form below, phone, or email us to discuss your upgrade needs.

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