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Is your Computer or Device not working properly?
Why Wait for a Technician? Get Online Help NOW

Talk to a technician and get back to what you were doing

First we discuss your problems and how to solve them. If needed we can then access your computer via our Remote Support Screen Sharing program and fix most problems on the spot.

Who can use Immediate Online Computer Help / Support?

  • Anyone – No User account or registration needed
  • Home Computer Users of any style of Computer or Device
  • Small Business who want an easy to access, quick and effective, instant help desk service, whether for a one-off issue, or ongoing.
  • Mobile Users who are on the road, with access to an internet connection
  • Users wanting training on any aspect of their system

Why use Immediate Computer Help

Immediate Online Computer Help is suitable for anyone who has run into a hurdle on their computer. This could be anything from the computer not working properly, to needing assistance to do what you are trying to do, to complex troubleshooting. To use the Remote Support Service Click on the Start Support Button and get back to what you were doing NOW
For further details on how Immediate Online Computer Help works see our-thing-immediate-computer-support

Client Testimonials

Easy to work with, and full of the latest ideas and solutions. Tame Your Computer solved all my marketing, technical, and networking needs to get my new business, Acting with Inga, up and running. I wouldn’t have got this far this fast without their friendly and professional help. Highly recommended for new businesses needing IT and Marketing assistance.
Inga RomantsovaTecher and ActressActing With IngaPerforming Arts Centre Woy Woy

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Phone Us or visit our Website and click on the Immediate Online Computer Help button
2. A technician will talk through your issue and diagnose your problem
3. The technician can fix your computer immediately using secure safe & simple screen-sharing technology
• No Waiting
• Problems Diagnosed for Free
• No User account or registration needed
• Available for all Computers and Devices with an Internet Connection
• Great for Small Businesses, too

How to Use Immediate Online Computer Help